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This modern & elegant piece of marble with the energy it’s vibrating everytime you will look at it you will be able to open the gates. Enjoy this unique piece in your home or office which is hand crafted and designed for you.

At Bamby Stone, our designer & CEO, Emre Kusbeci, holds a profound belief that time is the greatest exam we face in this life, serving as the formidable barrier between the spiritual and the material realms we inhabit.

In our pursuit of bridging this divide, we present to you this exquisite piece of marble, meticulously crafted to not only adorn your space but to serve as a conduit for transcending boundaries. Each time your gaze falls upon it, may you feel the resonance of its energy, gently nudging open the gates between worlds.

Embrace this unique creation in your home or office, knowing that it has been lovingly handcrafted and designed with you in mind.

Thank you for welcoming Bamby Stone into your world. May this piece bring inspiration, clarity, and a sense of connection to the infinite.

What is the energy this marble vibrating?

Cloudy Bamby (Howlite) is our signature marble, which is only available at Bamby Stone. With its white, grey, cream colour, it will assist you to connect with your inner self deepening spiritual connection. Cloudy Bamby supports and integrates energetic and vibrational sensations bringing stability and energetic balance to your life.

  • Marble Colour – White, cream and cloudy grey 
  • Surface – Polished

Additional information

Weight 10000 kg
Dimensions 200 × 350 × 400 cm
Emre Kusbeci

Emre Kusbeci


Designed & Created by Bamby Crew

Dear valued customers,

At Bamby Stone, we take pride not only in our craftsmanship but also in our dedication to creating unique pieces that resonate with the energy of the universe. Our team devotes specific days to crafting our own creations, ensuring that each piece is imbued with care and intentionality.

We firmly believe in the power of energy waves and stones/crystals as strong sources of energy. Through extensive research, we have identified the unique vibrations of each stone, allowing us to create pieces that not only exude modern elegance but also carry distinct energetic qualities.

When you purchase one of our creations, you’re not just acquiring a beautiful piece of jewelry; you’re welcoming the energy it radiates into your life. We’re grateful for your presence here at Bamby Stone, and we hope that our creations bring joy and positive energy into your life.

Thank you for your support, and may the rest of your journey be filled with love and beauty.

Warm regards, Emre Kusbeci / CEO