Production Cost (p/Slab)

•⁠ ⁠At Bamby Stone, Our production team and interior designers always focus on stone harmony and vein matches instead of limiting the project based on maximum outcome with less stone.
•⁠ ⁠Once your project stone slab is calculated, Our team calculates the production cost based on your slab quantity.
•⁠ ⁠All natural stones are pre-sealed and we only use top quality A-Grade Natural stones


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Natural Stone Cutting and Production Services at Bamby Stone

At Bamby Stone, our production team and interior designers prioritize stone harmony and vein matching, rather than maximizing output with minimal stone. We believe that quality and aesthetics should not be compromised.

Once we have determined the number of stone slabs needed for your project, we calculate the production cost based on the quantity of slabs required. All our natural stones are pre-sealed, and we only use top-quality, A-grade natural stones.

How Our Calculation Works

We calculate our production cost on a per-slab basis. For example, if your project requires 3 slabs and the production cost is $3500 per slab, the total production cost will be $10,500 plus GST.

How Do I Know How Many Stone Slabs I Need?

Book a free consultation and showroom tour with us so we can assess your project and provide accurate calculations for you.

How Does Installation Service Costing Work?

At Bamby Stone, we separate the on-site installation cost from our production cost to give you a clearer understanding of the expenses. Some projects, such as office tables, coffee tables, and TV units, do not require installation for those project we provide Delivery & Pickup. This is why we provide separate pricing for installation services.

To find out how much we charge for installation, please click here.


Bamby Stone Edge Profiles

Modern CNC control technology enables the creation of precise stone benchtop profiles that would be difficult to achieve manually. This technology also makes detailed edge work more affordable compared to doing it entirely by hand. At Global Marble & Granite, we always perform hand touch-ups on edges after the CNC stage to ensure a perfect finish.

In recent years, simple square edges with a pencil round have become popular, such as the T20 and T40 or their mitred versions. All our square edge profiles feature a pencil round finish, which is less prone to chipping than arris, bevel, or chamfer edges. We recommend a minimum R2 radius for all edges on engineered stone to prevent chipping and a minimum R5 radius for all natural stones, such as marble or granite. All external corners will be rounded to match the edge detail or according to customer requests.

Below is a selection of the most commonly used edge profiles for stone benchtops.

Additional information

Edge Profiles

T20 – Square Pencil, V20 – Bullnose, 40mm – Mitred Returned, 40mm Square Pencil Round, 40mm Mitred, AM40, 40mm Sharknose, O20SQ, 40mm Bullnose, 60mm Mitred, 60mm Mitred Return, 80mm Mitred, 80mm Mitred Returned, 100mm Mitred, 100mm Mitred Return, Waterfall

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