Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner


Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner

Green by Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner is suitable for tiles, stone and all water-resistant surfaces throughout the house.

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Formulated with plant-based ingredients, it cuts through dirt and grime to leave sparkling results. Featuring a hypoallergenic natural fragrance, Green by Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner removes dirt and leaves a streak-free finish on natural stone surfaces, ceramics, plastic, high-gloss kitchen fronts, stainless steel, faucets, mirrors, glass, windshields, polished and unpolished surfaces. Green by Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner can even remove greasy and oily stains and residue.

The entire Green by Lithofin product range is Grey Water and Septic Safe. This advanced formula features a pleasant odour and includes hypoallergenic, microplastic-free and vegan raw materials that are all naturally produced. Green by Lithofin Multi Surface Cleaner is perfect for those that are environmentally conscious and are after an all in one, multi surface cleaner.


MATERIAL Engineered Stone, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Neolith, Onyx, Porcelain & Ceramic, Quartzite, Sintered Stone, Terrazzo, Travertine
BRAND Lithofin